Gellifawr Wedding Photos

Cardiff Wedding Photographer with a difference.

Love the outdoors? Want something a bit different? I’m looking for adventurous couples who don’t mind a bit of rain and mud.

I’m not your typical wedding photographer. I don’t mind getting down & getting dirty to get you the right shot. I’m looking for couples who are happy to put on wellies and go run to get that awesome sunset.

I get stuck in, I’m part of your day, your aide in wedding planning, and your secret weapon on the big day. Need help getting in the dress? Not a problem. Need button sewing? I’m on it. Need a bridesmaid wrapping into a dress? I’ve got it. Want a veil for a big veil shot without the hassle of wearing one all day? It’s in the bag. Want creative photos without the fuss of standing around for hours in unnatural poses? I’m your girl!

Let me tell your story. With mud, rain, and laughter. And dogs. Or horses. Or cows. Or tandems. Payment in cute puppies is accepted*.

If you think you fit the bill I’d love to hear from you. You’ll get an amazing photographer with a great sense of humour, stunning wedding photos, a beautiful handfinished album, and a wedding day buddy who will help you out when you need it most.

*Puppies are for life not just for wedding payments. I get it. I just really, really, really want a dog. I figure if a couple give me one as a gift then my other half can’t say no. Golden retrievers preferred payment method. I also love cows (coming from a long line of dairy farmers), but my back garden probably isn’t big enough.