Bridgend Wedding Photographer – Bobbie Lee Photography

Hi, I’m Bobbie, a Bridgend based wedding and family photographer. I specialise in a relaxed natural style of photography with stunning and creative portraits. I’m here to capture your memories and tell your story – unobtrusive, no dragging your guests about for hours or making you pull crazy unnatural poses. I work with you to capture beautiful portraits whilst keeping the focus where it should be – you enjoying your day and having a great time with your guests.

Not Your Average Wedding Photographer.

I’m not your typical wedding photographer. I don’t mind running to catch a rainbow or getting a bit muddy to get you the right shot. I’m creative and passionate, and I love my job.

I get stuck in, I’m part of your day, your aide in wedding planning, and your secret weapon on the big day. Need button sewing? I’m on it. Need a bridesmaid wrapping into a dress? I’ve got it. Want a veil for a big veil shot without the hassle of wearing one all day? It’s in the bag. Want creative photos without the fuss of standing around for hours in unnatural poses? I’m your girl!

Let me tell your story – come rain or shine we will have a great laugh. Whatever you’ve got planned I’ll be there to help you out and capture it all – dogs, or horses, or tandems – I love seeing all the different ideas that couples come up with. Payment in cute puppies is accepted*.

A bit more about me:

I’m based in Bridgend, just outside Cardiff and provide Wedding Photography throughout South Wales and the South West. I cover the whole of the UK though travel and accommodation fees may apply outside South Wales/Bristol area. I’m relaxed, friendly, a good laugh, and I have a bag full of tricks and useful bits to help you through your day. If you want someone to capture your day your way with a creative and modern flair get in touch!

*Puppies are for life not just for wedding payments. I get it. I just really, really, really want a dog. I figure if a couple give me one as a gift then my other half can’t say no. Golden retrievers preferred payment method. I also love cows (coming from a long line of dairy farmers), but my back garden probably isn’t big enough.

Bobbie Lee is a Bridgend and South Wales Wedding Photographer.

Let me tell your story

I’m a passionate documentary and fine art photographer. I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but it’s the only thing that I think fits. What does it mean? It means I will work with you through the day in an unobtrusive way to capture all the details and candid moments. I don’t make a big fuss or make people pose for hours on end; but I will take some time with you to craft beautiful fine art portraits that you’ll be proud to hang on your walls. I work with you to capture what you want. Candid moments, styled details, family formals – not a problem – it’s your day and I’m here to capture it for you.

I come from a fine art background, I still paint in what spare time I can find between running a business and raising a family, and it heavily influences the way I work. Part of that is I’m passionate about printed product. I want to give you a tangible product that you can pick up and touch and feel. That you can look at every day and enjoy and remember. That’s why all of my packages – weddings and portraits – come with albums, canvases or prints. You can’t stick a USB stick on a wall and in 10 years time the technology will be out of date, but a print will last for generations.

Based in Bridgend, just outside of Cardiff I travel throughout the UK to capture memories of weddings and family life, telling your story. All of my packages include printed products because I believe passionatley about the importance of having real tangible memories printed that you can look at and pick up and enjoy. I serve Cardiff, Newport, Swansea, Bridgend, Pembrokeshire, the Valleys, Brecon, Carmarthen, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Bristol, Bath, Dorset, Wiltshire and beyond.

Travel is included 100 miles drive from Bridgend or Shaftesbury. Did I mention I love cows? My family are still in Dorset, so I have a free bed and breakfast deal going on (probably in the barns with the cows, but hey it’s free!) I don’t charge any extra for 100 miles from Shaftesbury.