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Top Tip to survive this chaos.

Not everyone knows that I battled through severe clinical depression and anorexia when I was a teen and young adult. 10 years of hell, but I worked through it and came out a winner. I’ve learnt a lot of things over the years that I think will help you survive and keep your sanity in a Coronavirus Lockdown situation.

Mental health is a constant ongoing thing. I don’t think you are ever cured, there is always the temptation to despair when life gets tough. But you can master it, but you have to keep working at it. Youu have to look after yourself.

Having young children my first instinct is to protect them, shield them from what is going on. I can stop wondering how my Great-Grandparents coped, not long back from WW1, great Spanish flu pandemic, and then WW2 broke out. What did they tell their kids? It’s tough what’s going on now, but our grandparents and great grandparents lived through worse.

These are my top tips for mental well being. They got me through when I was younger, and they are what keep me sane now. If you’re stuck at home in quarantine or lockdown, looking after your mental health is crucial.

  1. Plant seeds (sunflowers, wildflowers, nigella, cosmos, and cornflower are all easy, and great for the bees). Weed. Plant vegetables (carrots, peas, tomatoes are easiest)
  2. Get out in the great outdoors. Find remote places – hard to get to beaches, mountains, barely used footpaths. Breathe the fresh air and watch the birds.
  3. Take photos of your family. If you have kids capture them as they enjoy their days at home. Everyone has a phone.
  4. Make up family albums. Order prints, order photobooks, finally get around to those projects you’ve been too busy for.
  5. Make cakes, pies, bread, flapjacks. Dry bananas. Get creative.
  6. Draw, paint, doodle. Watch YouTube videos of new things to try.
  7. Phone your friends. I don’t know about you, but as a teen I spent most my life talking to my friends on the phone. We don’t seem to do that anymore.
  8. Write to your elderly relatives. They grew up in an era when people wrote to each other. You might not be allowed to see them, but they will really appreciate a letter – and a recent photo!
  9. Pray and/or meditate.
  10. Run, walk, cycle, find online exercise classes.
  11. Be kind. Help others where you can
  12. Spread positivity. What if we only shared positive stories not negative?
  13. Ignore conspiracy theories and misinformation. Only trust reliable sources. Mute of snooze people on social media for a week or 30 days if they are only posting this.
  14. Turn off the news. Check it once a day. Around 5-6pm seems to be the point where the UK makes major announcements.
  15. Get proper rest. Go to bed on time.
  16. Eat healthy. Get as much fresh fruit and veg as you can. Get orange juice.
  17. Drink water. 8 glasses a day.
  18. Rant, scream, and cry when you need to.


The National Trust is opening all its outdoor spaces for free. Houses & restaurants will but shut.

If you are at home with children there are a whole load of resources being made free for parents, here are some of them (I will update as I find more)