Bobbie Lee, Bridgend Wedding Photographer.

Why I became a photographer.

Woohoo – my first blog post!

I’m sure there are many reasons why people become photographers, some train for years, some work in related fields and switch, others pick up a camera and just click (pun intended). This is my reason. I’m probably going to cry, that’s just me, I’m a bit of an open book. Rubbish at poker.

I was first let loose with a camera when I was 11 and went away on a week long school trip to south Dorset. Walking round Lulworth Cove, Durdle Door, and Portland Bill I snapped away, limited to only 2 discs of film (disc camera – my parents apparently didn’t trust me with the good family camera, I got some 70’s throwback that I’m amazed was still being processed). When I got the prints back I was in love. I begged my parents and worked my way through a lot of disposable cameras.

When I was 14 I finally saved up enough and bought myself my first proper camera. I took it on our family holiday and shot reel and reels of film, most of the results were not very good. Then suddenly in September 1998 my older brother, Morgan, passed away from Meningococcal Meningitis. Overnight all we had left was photos and a load of oversized bright yellow Ben Sherman T-Shirts (it was the 90’s after all).

I won’t go through all the pain we had to work through as a family – it took us a while – but what I rapidly realised was just how precious and powerful photographs are. Our memories fade over time, and we can easily forget what someone who was there our whole lives with looked like. Photographs capture those we love and help us relive the joy and the tears. Help us remember the good times and the fun we have. Still to this day I love pulling out the photo albums my parents put together of us growing up. They are tangible touchable memories that remind us where we’ve come from, and help us remember what a gift life is.

This is why I’m passionate about photographing people. Landscape photography isn’t my thing. I just want to stick a person in it. I want to capture who people are and document the special events that define our lives. That’s why I love photographing weddings, it’s such a special time when two families come together and celebrate. I love capturing the joy, the tears, the laughter, the love.

I’m passionate about printing photographs – prints, canvases, albums – because I strongly believe that they help strengthen our identity and are a timeless reminder of those we love. Prints and albums are durable and can accessible – they can still be looked at in 200 years time. I’ve got a print of my great great grandmother, who worked as a photographers assistant, because it was printed. I’ve got an album of my granny’s WWII childhood, because her father took the time to put them into an album. I don’t have many pictures of my late teen years (possibly a good thing) because we hit the digital era and despite backing all the photos up twice, the CD’s corrupted. More and more now people rely on USBs and hard drives to store their photos, but they don’t print them. We take more photos than ever, but create less albums for our kids to look at. That’s why if you choose me as your photographer you are going to get an album. I want you to pull out your album in 10 years time and remember your day and the people who were there. I want you to show them to your kids and your grand-kids so you can laugh at how fashions have changed. I want you to have a legacy in print.

So, that was my first blog post. Yes I cried. I’ll probably cry at your wedding too. That’s just me.

In loving memory of Morgan Grice.
March 7th 1982 – September 25th 1998.
Gone too soon. Teaching the angels how to drum.