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No Sofa Sales Techniques!

We’ve all seen the ads. Buy a new sofa now and save £500 – when it’s gone it’s gone! Everything must go, limited stock left!

High pressure sales, but you know full well that they will have another sale on the next week, wait a week, and then there will be yet another sale.

Sofa companies are well known for it. You’re daft to buy a sofa from them full price, because there will be another sale within a couple of months. They inflate their prices to make the sale price look great – but the full ticket price is not what they sell them for.

What’s that got to do with wedding photography? Well simple – there are A LOT of photographers out there who constantly do sales. 50% off one week only! Followed by another sale, and another special offer, and another sale.

Something is wrong there. Either their prices are way over inflated, and they are not actually worth what they are charging, or they are desperate to get a booking – any booking and are running a short term cash-based business with no long term business plan.

So what do you get from me?

No hard sales. I won’t pester anyone or push hard for a sale. I want to work with fun people and enjoy my weddings! I want clients who value my work, artistic abilities, professional ethic, and my get stuck in to help attitude.

Honest and fair pricing. Affordable wedding photography. I charge what I charge based on what it costs me to run a business and take enough home to feed my kids and pay the bills. I charge according to my worth and not some random number picked out of the blue. I charge enough that I know that my business will still be around in 2 years time when your wedding day comes around. See my full prices here.

Beautiful photographs that you will look back at and relive your day, with a fair mix of artistic stunning images.

A stunning album that will last for generations.

A fun sense of humor and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. It’s not all about me and my artistic ego.

Someone who will take the time and effort to get to know you and understand what you want out of your day.

I’ll even throw in my famous sweet cart devouring services for no extra cost.

Bobbie Lee is an affordable and fun Bridgend Wedding Photographer, photographing large and intimate ceremonies throughout Wales and the South West of England. See more about what makes me not your average wedding photographer here